Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How we use numbers

Last night we had a discussion about how we use numbers and it was very interesting to know that there are so many terms used just for numbers. For example:-
1. Ordinal number are used to describe numbers that are used to determine the position of an object or  
    a person (e.g. the 4th position)
2. Cardinal numbers are used to tell the amount of something (e.g. 4 chairs, 10 children)
     However, when we teach cardinal numbers, we need to ensure that children can do the following
     first: a) need to know how to sort and classify
              b) need to know one-to-one correspondence
              c) need to know sequence (rote count)
              d) need to know how to respond to questions
3. Nominal number are used when we read the numbers instead of saying the
    value. e.g. Telephone numbers

I am teaching my N2s cardinal numbers for now and now I understand why sometimes I ask children a question of "how many shoes there is" some children can answer and some cannot. It was not because they cannot count, but rather they do not understand what I am asking them.

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